Pastor Jeff CornwellJeff Cornwell

Jeff and his wife Kath live nearby where they enjoy their beautiful acreage, panoramic views, and occasional visits from local wildlife.   Jeff is an avid skier and tennis player, and loves to grow a plethora of produce in his garden.  He also loves literature and wood-lore.    Jeff is originally from St Louis, Missouri, and was ordained in October of 1982. He came to the United Church in July of 1988, following his first pastorate in Elyria, Ohio. Pastor Jeff has a passion for worship, preaching, and developing people. Jeff is a man who takes the Great Commission to make disciples to heart and does so with great intentionality. He is a man of great compassion and determination, which is reflected in his pastoral care among our church family. His love of God’s Word is powerfully evident in his preaching.   When Jeff enjoys time off you’ll find him on the tennis courts or trekking through the woods.    He has a great desire to help every person he meets find true joy and their divine destiny through a love-relationship with our Father-God.    The main reason he loves to serve with our Team of Elders is that we are better together.   On Council Jeff keeps us on track with his quick wit and sense of humor.   He guides us with God’s vision and offers a tremendous amount of wisdom and insight as we navigate through things to make godly decisions on behalf of the church.