The Weekly Update page is extracted from a weekly e-mail sent out by
Assistant Pastor Donna Pollock

Weekly Update



Wow, what an epic cluster of climactic days for sports fans!  Wimbledon (tennis) Finals—men and women; World Cup (soccer/football) Final—once, every four years; and the All-Star Game (American baseball).  It’s no wonder any number of clever social observers write about humans as homo festivus, pointing out the almost desperate human need to celebrate in a post-modern world where uncertainty and meaningless seem to prevail.  Any reason will do.  There’s something about the human condition that demands that we, if I dare use the word, worship.  In order to overcome nihilism and despair, people need something to celebrate.

We’ve watched Halloween, with its costumes and decorations, evolve into the most expensive holiday, other than perhaps Christmas.  Kwanza is a new, emerging holiday to mark ethnic origins.  The Festival of the Dead has exploded in popularity and Super Bowl parties have proliferated in the United States.  Apparently, people need a reason, or maybe an excuse with little reason, to celebrate.  There’s something about the shape of the human experience that demands we try to rise about the mundane and holidays promised us something to which we can look forward, something that allows us to transcend the ordinary in light of eternity, power, significance, or meaning greater than our own lives and selves.

The worry, biblically speaking, is not that people will abandon God and turn atheist, worshiping nothing at all, but that we will worship anything.  That the creatures will worship creation instead of the Creator.  In other words, if there were no deity deserving our worship, we would have to invent one to cope with the human condition and human experience.  From a biblical perspective, however, the question isn’t whether we will worship (the biblical view is that we all do and will), but will we get our worship right?  Will we worship the one true God or turn to idols?

For people who don’t admit to worship, they are apt to settle for a pale invitation of true worship in the form of [possibly lesser]celebration.  Hence, homo festivus.  All I can say is Viva la France!

Pastor Jeff