The Weekly Update page is extracted from a weekly e-mail sent out by
Assistant Pastor Donna Pollock

Weekly Update



March Madness!  How did a basketball tournament ever morph into “a happening” with such a moniker?  The only reason the denizens of Vermont know anything about this NCAAM tournament is due to the success of the UVM Catamounts over the past few years.  In the minds of many March madness may sound more like a loco raccoon with rabies.  Or, maybe it’s all the people trying to cash in on natural, Vermont-made products like maple syrup.  Or, ahem, the explosive eruption and proliferation of hemp production and CBD derivatives.  Or, the more mundane possibility—mud season, when pacific dirt roads suddenly turn into quagmires of truck-eating, vehicle-swallowing bogs.  As long as the back of winter is broken and spring is truly on the horizon, does it really matter?

Other possibilities include political machinations in Montpelier as the citizen legislature churns along under the golden dome.  Or, the aftermath of Town Meeting Day and, in towns like Milton, the rejection of the school budget, the hand-wringing, indecision, trimming, and re-voting.  Or, Lent and the build-up toward Easter.  Or, new on the horizon, a visit from Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, in May.  Yes, Decision America, a ministry of the Billy Graham Association, is coming to the northeast, including Vermont.

Tuesday, May 21, Franklin Graham and the band, Crowder, will be at the Fairgrounds.  And you can help transform New England.  You can join the Promotional Team, On-Site Crew, or become a Counselor (four different training times are available, the first one this coming week, March 26, 6-9 p.m. at the New King Church on Williston Road, Burlington).  If you wish to pray, people will be gathering Wednesday, April 10, 7 p.m. at Ignite on Brownell Road.  We already have resources, but what we really need is for someone to step forward as a Resource Leader for our church.  Are you that person?  I already know  what some of you will say:  Madness!  Are you the one to lead the march?!

Pastor Jeff