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Assistant Pastor Donna Pollock

Weekly Update



With Appreciation

Have you ever felt squeamish or uncomfortable getting lit up as the center of attention?  Or, when someone pauses to pay you a compliment, “Good work, my friend” or “Nice outfit!?”  If so, that was me this past Sunday with a shower of cards and affection for Pastor Appreciation Day.  It was wonderful!  It was awkward!  I don’t deserve this.  Well, on second thought, maybe I do!  Then, again, I don’t know because I know things about myself that no one except the Lord knows, but I do know this:  I am grateful.  Thank you all so very much.  What I take with me is the love you showed me (and Kath, too) much more than any gift.  I am honored to serve side by side in the Lord’s work.

I was thinking that I feel like a proud parent on Father’s Day.  “Aw, shucks, kids.  You didn’t have to do anything.”  But it feels good (and if you didn’t, honestly, I’m pretty sure I would miss the acknowledgement).  Honestly, who doesn’t want someone—anyone!—to remember and acknowledge ones birthday?  Yet, overall it’s the role of parents to help protect, provide for, and guide their children.  Parents bear the greater responsibility for the health of their families and for modeling the kind of behavior that fosters family vitality and loving relationships.

Thanks, again, and please let me say how much I appreciate all y’all, too.  Perhaps some of us are tempted to think that we don’t need to say anything to one another.  After all, we’ve been at this for such a long time, that we don’t need to say the actual words, “Thank you,” or “I love you.”  Of course, s/he knows!  More than likely, yes, but it’s heartwarming and reassuring to hear the words.  As far as I can tell, God never gets tired of hearing us tell him with our worship, “We love you.”  Since when have you gotten tired of hearing John 3.16—that the Lord loves you?

Pastor Jeff