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You’ve heard the song; now see the movie:  I Can Only Imagine.  Perhaps to the delight of Christians everywhere, a movie based on the life of the song writer, Bart Millard, opened last Friday with a huge splash.  Hollywood Reporter asserts that the film “vastly over-performed…to defeat A  Wrinkle  in Time and Love, Simon—the first film from a major Hollywood studio featuring a gay teen protagonist—in a surprise upset.”

The movie, which is named after one of the top Christian songs ever, tells the story of Bart Millard, frontman for the band MercyMe, and how his violently abusive father came to faith.  The film follows Bart from football to the stage, in spite of his father’s disapproval.  It’s a coming of age story recounting a young man chasing his dream in the face of severe challenges, including the staggering pain of rejection and judgment.  It’s an unlikely story and, handled quite well by the producers.

I suppose every life is writing a story, and in the hands of the right writer/s and film producers, every story can be compelling.  The movie, however sentimental—you won’t escape without wiping away a few tears, does justice to the song.  Knowing the background to the song only enhances the power of the lyrics.  There’s always something extraordinary about the all too common experience of boys like Bart, but there’s nothing ordinary about the uncommon God who overpowers us with the power of his loving forgiveness.  Just imagine…!


Pastor Jeff