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Assistant Pastor Donna Pollock

Weekly Update



Valentine’s Day… A day for lovers!  Did you give or receive a gift, a card, or some expression of love from someone sweet?  I’m not sure it sounds romantic, but we ate leftovers and babysat our granddaughter (Kath did most of the heavy lifting, in case anyone is wondering).  Is this what happens when you’re aging and you’ve been married for…awhile?  When you have children or grandchildren the answer is that the “wee ones” come first.  They are more vulnerable and needy so they draw attention.  Our needs come last.  That’s the way things must and should be, but not without paying attention to one another too.  Making time for your significant other is vital to a healthy relationship—showing that the other matters.  Which leads to another question:

When was the last time you told the Lord how much you love Him?

Of course, this is why God’s people come together every Sunday, week after week, year by year.  We call it worship, but it provides the chance for us to acknowledge God’s love for us and to tell him how grateful we are for his practical love toward us—our daily bread, health, forgiveness for our sins, and the gift of life.  Hymns and praise songs are love songs, expressions of our affection and esteem.  Weekly services give us an opportunity to say and show the Lord that we cherish him.  If our other relationships thrive on love, so does our relationship with the One who loved us into existence and promises to bring us to Himself at the close of our days.

When was the last time you told the Lord how much you love Him?

Why not come and tell Him again this Sunday?  Let Him know who your Valentine is.


Pastor Jeff