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Assistant Pastor Donna Pollock

Weekly Update



Have You Met Your Match?

When you read this I will be on holiday for a fortnight and wishing I could spend a portion of my time-off at Wimbledon watching the finest tennis in the world.  I’ve been to Montreal and watched the pros play at the Rogers Cup but this North American tournament lacks the historic cachet of Wimbledon.  I’ll make sure to watch portions of several matches on TV and root for my aging hero, Roger Federer, until he wins, loses, or retires.

Roger Federer…  For a point of comparison, he’s all of 37 years old and has been playing the game of tennis since he was eight years old, almost as many years as I’ve been serving as pastor of the United Church.  As nearly as I can tell, I will have completed 31 years of ministry here as of July 10.  People wonder about both of us, Federer and Cornwell, when will they retire?  I can’t speak for Roger and my times are in the hands of the Lord, but I am starting to prepare for the inevitable.

In the meantime, I’m pleased to have a mid-summer break.  I can’t strike a tennis ball the way Federer does, but I can still spot the ball and swing a racquet with a degree of skill and pleasure.  I may never get to Wimbledon, England, or return to Montreal for a match, but I can take the local court myself and swat balls with willing partners.  After a two year absence from the game due to injury, surgery, and other temporary scheduling demands, I’m thrilled and pleased to be able to return to the courts and to say that I have no immediate plans to retire from the game.  So, bring your game and step up to serve.  Show me what ya got!

Pastor Jeff