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“I want a new drug,” sang Huey Lewis back in the eighties.  “…One that won’t make me sick, one that won’t make me crash my car, or make feel three feet thick.”  But the lyrics aren’t all negative.  He goes on to sing what he seeks:  “One that makes me feel like I feel when I’m with you.”  It’s a romantic love song, but the same notion works when we think about the object of our love, the One and Only, whom we seek when we weekly gather for worship.  We don’t want a chemically induced experience, but Christ himself.  We want a relationship with the God who loves us.  No earthly substitute will do.

Yet, many people find themselves seeking a thrill, solace or escape through illicit drugs.  Others seek relief from pain, initially, with prescription pills, only to discover themselves addicted.  The opioid crisis has completely enveloped our society.  Drugs affect all of us, if not directly, then indirectly in the need for increased surveillance and police protection.  Much of the local crime, our former Milton police chief told me, is due to people scrabbling to find enough money to buy their next fix.  How sad to find a 36 year old man, a classmate of one of our Elders, Jonathan Currie, dead from an overdose two weeks ago in the nearby Park ‘n Ride.

Some of us have dabbled with drugs.  Others have family members who are using or distributing.  And, it’s not just drugs, but alcohol, too, that’s wreaking havoc, if we are honest.  I have no idea how legalizing marijuana will make our problems any better.  All I see is a steeper slide into oblivion with an increased need for treatment centers and additional law enforcement.

I am reluctant to compare Christ to narcotics, but at the risk of being misunderstood, we need a fix!  Badly!  I want a new drug, a better drug.  I don’t want any imitation or “spirits” in a bottle.  I want the One and Only Holy Spirit!

Pastor Jeff