The Weekly Update page is extracted from a weekly e-mail sent out by
Assistant Pastor Donna Pollock

Weekly Update



Plan It for the Planet!  That’s the thrust for ministry and mission in this new year, A.D. 2019, now widely designated C.E., or Common Era, endeavoring to transcend cultural and religious differences.  Perhaps, however, the A.D. says it all for many of us.  There was a time in my youth when I mistakenly thought A.D. stood for after [Christ’s] death, in the same way that B.C. stood for before Christ, but that makes no sense when we realize our calendar is dated not from the death of Jesus, but his birth.  A.D.?  Latin, anno domini, meaning the year of our Lord.  While that may offend the sensibilities of a Muslim or a Jew, it expresses my religious sentiments as a disciple of Jesus.  He makes all the difference for me, in every area every day.  What God has been showing me is 4 pronged vision for our town:

*Go-to-People:  Others recognize us (people of faith) as those who care about our town and about them personally.  They turn to us for answers because our God helps us with real time solutions to problems people have.

*Leaders in Serving the Community:  God cares!  We have a BIG God who meets the needs of people, from hopelessness to homelessness.  No concern is too trivial, no problem too big for our God.

*Pro-Business:  We are in business for the Lord.  Jesus was always working, always about his Father’s business.  Our Father is interested in every aspect of life.  It’s all God’s business.  We may draw paychecks from our places of employment, but God is our Source.  We have a wealthy mindset.

*All Churches Overflowing:  As the Kingdom of God grows, churches overflow with God’s life and love.  In a world of scarcity and insecurity, our God is the author of abundance.  Therefore, we share, and rely on Him to more than meet our needs!

Pastor Jeff