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Assistant Pastor Donna Pollock

Weekly Update



Someone I trust and respect immensely recommended that church leaders in his circle read what he is calling the “clearest and most comprehensive explanation of the U.S. election,” which made me want to find out about Sidney Powell, the author, and whether she is credible.  According to an Associated Press release Monday morning Powell may have gone “too far” even for Rudy Giuliani this time, and that Trump’s legal team is trying to put distance between them and “this firebrand conservative attorney.”  Said Giuliani in a statement released Sunday, “Powell is practicing law on her own.   She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team.”  Fox News has asked her for evidence to support her claims that votes for Trump had likely been switched in favor of President-elect Joe Biden, but she had presented none to back up her conspiracy theories.  I took the time to read Powell’s explanation, but the question remains, “Can you prove it?”  For some reason no one seems to want to touch Powell, which leads to the question, “Why?”  I suppose time will prove whether she is right, but her support is crumbling.

I also recently received a mailing, complete with computer disc, containing information about another supposed conspiracy, this time regarding the vaccine for the Corona virus.  Listen to this:

“The Covid-19 vaccine from Bill Gates has an invisible Quantum Dot Tattoo that will be administered into the body at the same time as the vaccine.  Luciferase is the enzyme used to make the mark (tattoo) glow under a special smartphone app.  That mark in the body is for tracing—the real reason for the vaccine.  …Do not receive the mark of the beast or you will be eternally lost.”  In other words, don’t get vaccinated under the government’s bait and switch plot in accordance with biblical end-time prophecies or you will be eternally damned.

I started to research the outfit that furnished the materials, at some cost, I should imagine, to churches around the country (Evangelical Outreach, Washington, PA, if you want to check for yourself).  The nicest thing I can say is that I question the validity of the conclusions and find supportive evidence utterly lacking.  I am thankful that America is a place where people can freely speak their mind and to try to make their case publically, but speculation without substantiation does not meet the test of truth.  Fear and thirst for power are no substitute for common sense, clear thinking, good theology, and real evidence.  May God grant us spiritual discernment, wisdom, humility, and the grace to challenge false assumptions in the name of the One who is the way, the truth, and the life.

Pastor Jeff