The Weekly Update page is extracted from a weekly e-mail sent out by
Assistant Pastor Donna Pollock

Weekly Update



What’s the hardest instrument to play in an orchestra?  Second violin.  So goes the story as shared by leadership consultant and writer, John Maxwell.  Nobody aims to be second-fiddle and what child wants to grow up to be vice president of the United States?  No one wants to come in second, just behind the leader.  Who doesn’t want to finish first and come out on top?  But we all know from our high school days that there can be only one class valedictorian.  If you’re not first, then you’re part of the pack trying to overtake the leader, keep up, or avoid losing ground!

Jesus told us that in the kingdom of heaven it’s not the first who finish on top, but the last ones who go to the front of the line.  It’s not those who lord it over others that receive the higher honor, but those who serve others.  It’s the people who are willing defer to others, who don’t assert their own “rights” but voluntarily go last, and who make serving a lifestyle.  Henry Blackaby, spiritual development consultant, says that God isn’t looking for people who will serve, but for servants.  What’s the difference?  Servers remain in control, choosing when they will work and what they will do, whereas servants surrender themselves to work for a master who has the right to choose their schedule and assignment.

During this month when churches show their appreciation for their pastors, I want to say that the United Church of Milton has the #1 Best “servant-leader” ever—Donna Pollock.  She may not be the top dog or lead pastor, but she is a true servant of the Lord.  People ask her to do things all the time, and she does them, willingly and with a good attitude.  She probably does too much and should say “No” more often.  She knows that success doesn’t mean being “on top,” but being on top of her game.  For her, success means doing everything she can to make the rest of us successful.  In my book and the Good Book, that makes her a true servant and a real success-story.  Donna, we appreciate you!

 Pastor Jeff