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Assistant Pastor Donna Pollock

Weekly Update



Holy Amnesia
(Philippians 3:12-14)


The growing Christian races toward spiritual maturity. The race demands a single concentrated commitment. The growing believer forgets past defeats and triumphs. They reach forward to grasp a prize that is ever before them. The upward call of God puts in a flow that disregards everything hindering them from the goal—the full experience of Christ.

Growing Believers Confess Holy Discontent

Paul’s situation was Roman imprisonment toward the end of his ministry. He deliberately, carefully formed a confession. That confession was a denial. He had not captured full knowledge of Christ or reached abiding spiritual maturity. He was on a journey, not at the destination. The implication is that some Philippians claimed to have reached ripe Christian perfection. “Not for me,” said Paul. Christ had captured him on the Damascus road. He wishes to capture Christian maturity.

Are you satisfied with your level of Christian growth?

Growing Believers Achieve a Single Commitment

Paul states a priority: “One thing!” He had one aspiration toward which he moved with total concentration. Limitation gives power. That priority works itself out in a process.

Forgetting the past: Live with a holy amnesia. Paul equally forgot the guilt that could paralyze him and the attainments that could slacken him.

Straining toward the goal: This is like a runner with body bent over, hand stretched out, head fixed forward. Orient life toward a future fuller encounter with Christ.

Identify the past things that distract you from future growth. Confess them and move on.

Growing Believers Race Toward a Certain Climax

Our fixation is the “Goal-Marker.” We rivet our attention to the post at the end of the race. What is it? Anyone or anything that comes up on the course. Our motivation is the heavenward call of God.

In the games, specially honored athletes were not crowned below in the stadium but were called above to the emperor and crowned there. The call is upwards always. The race, the cross, then the crown.

Pastor Steve