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Assistant Pastor Donna Pollock

Weekly Update



What do you think about a trade-war with China?!  I suppose it’s better than an actual shooting-war, but if we’re at war, isn’t that rather serious?  Won’t there be casualties and collateral damage?  What will it cost us and what will be the outcome?  According to VTDigger, tariffs on good will have a direct impact on the economy, even in Vermont.  For instance, Ann Clark cookie cutters of Rutland (50 employees) expects higher steel prices to cost the company about $32,000 over the next year.  Can someone explain to me how we got here and why we’re at war with China?  Is this battle between two behemoth economies about the ballooning trade-deficit, protecting American intellectual property, restoring American manufacturing, or fairly opening markets to American businesses in China?

I’m old enough to remember when Made in Japan was synonymous with junk.  Then came Honda, Toyota, and Sony and we realized the Japanese were making better automobiles and electronics than America was.  Now we have Made in China, proliferating dollar stores, and dubious quality products.  But if we naively think the Chinese are not competitive and don’t envy American success, examine the accomplishments of their Olympic athletes.  You can’t tell me that the culture that built the Great Wall is not a challenge or a “threat” to American influence and hegemony.  Are we remotely aware how much China is investing in Africa to secure natural resources and raw materials for their manufacturing?

I’m not sure whether high tariffs are a good idea, but I’m glad our nation has, in the past, pressed China on human rights and religious freedom.  I’m also pleased to hear that our President is standing against the theft of our intellectual industrial property and pressing for guaranteed patent protections.  Since the Chinese government tightly controls Chinese industry, a trade-war may be the only way to demonstrate that America is serious about its grievances.  Certainly this dispute will not be settled without consequences or suffering.  Farmers are already feeling the effects and, as consumers, we will all be affected.  Higher prices are coming.  By definition, war demands sacrifice, yet this trade-war, if I understand matters, might be worth the price.  Just imagine a nation without dollar stores!

Pastor Jeff